Xiamen the Chinese largest import and export stone distribution center

Mainly imported from Turkey, India, Brazil, Italy, Egypt, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Greece, the United States, the United States, the United States and other countries, Norway, more than 70 countries and regions; again, the largest total import marble, a total of 13,625 batches, weight 4.0408 million tons, the value of 703 million US dollars, up 4.01%, 8.42%, 5.87% %, While the import of granite stone followed, accounting for 39.87% of the total; Finally, the diversification of modes of transport, mainly through bulk shipping or shipping containerized shipment of imports, including Europe, the Americas, Africa and other countries shipping containers Way, mainly in the Southeast Asian countries scattered bulk ship transport.According to the analysis of the industry, the import stone of Xiamen Port has maintained steady growth. First, thanks to the port resource advantages, Xiamen Port has the capacity of international container and bulk cargo terminal, the long coastline of Hong Kong and Shenzhen, Xiamen is currently a professional stone import and export enterprises more than 1,200, around the gathering of more than 6,000 traditional stone processing plants, stone processing and high value-added products in the export of raw materials, stone processing industry, In addition, Xiamen (International) Stone Exhibition platform advantage, the annual session of the International Stone Fair, to attract domestic and foreign stone production and processing enterprises gathered in the exhibition, the exhibition will be held in Xiamen, Open the external service window, enhance the international influence.According to reports, in order to promote the import of bulk commodities, Xiamen Inspection and Quarantine on the one hand, through the continuous improvement of inspection and quarantine gate, quarantine treatment and supervision systems to enhance the level of information services to achieve the stone reservation, inspection, release, quarantine processing of electronic information Of the speed of inspection to enhance the port. On the other hand, optimize the process, take the "centralized inspection and quarantine, batch inspection, batch write-off" mode, shorten the inspection and quarantine cycle, improve the inspection and supervision methods, data analysis and risk assessment on the basis of different risk levels of imports Stone implementation of differentiated sampling, reduce logistics costs, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the port.